submission guidelines

Send email to as follows:

In the subject line, type "wall submission". Please do not use this subject line for any other reason (questions, et cetera).

For the body of the message, simply put the name of the person you wish to remember in the AIDS Internet Wall of Names. Please observe the following-

*First name, first and last names, first and last names with middle initial are allowed. No nicknames, please.

*Do NOT initialize last name, as in "Michael A."; simply use first name alone if last name is confidential.

*Only the name itself will go into the wall. No artwork, rememberances,or tag lines please. It is important that each life be represented in the same way. All AIDS victims are of equal importance.

Entries will be alphabetized by last name on the Wall. If only a first name is used, it will be placed within the wall by the first letter of that name.

The entry "Anonymous" will remain in the Wall to represent those who, for one reason or another, are unable to be listed here.

If available, enclose a link to a newspaper obituary online listing for the person or other verification information. NOTE: All submission e-mails are saved as of May 2004. If you submit someone's name who isn't dead for a prank and they contact me, I will send them straight to you. Fraud is illegal and the joke will be on you.

Slurs, insults and the like in e-mail about persons or lifestyles will be ignored. Don't waste your typing skills.

If you wish to donate additional Web space to wall panels should the need arise, please send email to the above address with "webspace" as the subject line.

When viewing the Wall page, hit reload upon arrival to get the most up-to-date view.


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