In the summer of 2002 I had the amazing opportunity to document a piece of history: the 50th reunion of the Orlando High School class of 1952. This was of particular historical interest because 1952 was the last year that Orlando's premier high school existed, breaking up the next year into other schools to accommodate the growing school-age populace in the beginning of Orlando's amazing growth that has not since abated.

     The respondents who were due to attend the reunion returned questionnaires that had been sent by the Reunion Committee, filling in the blanks of their lives since high school. The families,  careers, accomplishments, travel, highs and lows of life in and beyond their teenage homes were then compiled into this 42-page  booklet, accompanied by a visual timewarp: their pictures from the OHS '52 yearbook beside recent pictures they had sent in. The result was a capsule of the lives and times of a group of friends who, each in their own way, had carved their own corner of the world, using Orlando High School as a jumping-off point into the great unknown. On the weekend of April 19th, this booklet was presented to all who attended the celebration of life, love and friendship.

   My sincere congratulations to the Orlando High School Class of 1952, and my thanks to them for allowing me to be a part of this momentous event.


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