meet the babaziba

The Babaziba (2nd from left) with Johnette, Gabriel and Jim of Concrete Blonde, April 2003

BABAZIBA ARTWORKS is mostly a one-man show. STEPHEN GRAYCE is an "amateur professional" in photography and digital art. He is a major music fan, and took his first rock artist pictures in the early 80s when the group 'til tuesday did an instore signing event at the record store where he worked. His art, music and photography, especially of musicians, is a labor of love. He has also written and played music since age 12, and finally released his first CD 32 years later. His newest one is tentatively scheduled for release by the end of 2005.
He is a West Virginia native who has resided in the Orlando, Florida area since 1984.

The name "babaziba" comes from a Three Stooges short in which Curly was pretending to be a
know-it-all swami called the Babaziba.

WEAPONS OF CHOICE - Almost all photography for the last three years has been digital with a Sony DSC-F707. Earlier photos were taken with various point-and-shoot 35mm cameras as well as a first-generation Canon AE-1. Photos are retouched and/or treated using Corel PhotoPaint software.

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